Things of use for the digital camera user, buyer, etc. Indluding interesting blogs, e.g. on video and filming using dSLR cameras, photography applications and more.

Nützliches fü den Digitalkamera Benutzer oder Käufer. Sowie auch interessante Webseiten und Blogs zu Themen wie Video, filmen mit dSLR Kameras und mehr.

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CCD/CMOS cleaning - Copperhill method
Very detailed introduction to the Copperhill method of CCD and CMOS dSLR sensor cleaning.

CCD/CMOS cleaning - Pixel Sweeper
Very detailed description of which brushes to choose for CCD and CMOS dSLR sensor cleaning. Alternative brush based method to the Visible Dust cleaning kit.
A site dedicated to cleaning your digital cameras CCD / CMOS - some rather adventerous approaches of disassemling your camera - at your own risk.

Digitalkamera Beratung
[german only] Kaufberatung für Digitalkamera: Kriterien zur Auswahl, Test und Vergleich von Digitalkameras - Vorteile von Digicams.

dSLR News Shooter
A blog on video photojournalism using dSLR cameras.

Digital SLR comparison test site, using DxO Analyzer.
Community site dedicated to the four-third camera format, image galleries - also features workflow article of interest for non-4/3 photographers
An initiative promoting and requesting an open documentation of proprietary RAW formats.